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30+ monitoring stations | 20 Monitoring Checks Type | Unlimited Notifications | Affordable Pricing | FREE HTTPS SSL

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  • Powerful Website Monitoring

    Our SSL checks verify your HTTPS certificates and our HTTP checks verify your content. One minute intervals mean you’re the first to know when something’s not right.

  • Email & RBL Service Monitoring

    We ensure your SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 services are working well and let you know if your servers show up on spam blacklists (RBL).

  • 20 Different Monitoring Check Types

    HTTP, SSL Certificates, SSH, DNS, real ICMP Ping checks, WHOIS domain expiration, and more.

Why Monitoring Service Uptime Is Important for Webmaster & Sys Admin

If You Are : Web Designer / Webmaster & Bloggers

While most of the webmaster knows how to maintain a website with coding, it's completely different when it comes to managing a full system (setup, install and maintain the operating system and software on a server environment). When search engine try to crawl your website and is offline, it will impact your website SEO ranking. On another side, you will need to maintain as the first point of contact when something goes wrong to your website - especially when it goes down. That's where most of the webmasters love us as our uptime monitoring solutions helps them stay alert of their website uptime without any server maintenance work while and they can concentrate on their web development job.

If You Are  : IT Managers & Sys Admins as well as IT Consultant

Your job for this role will be maintaining and making sure the uptime of your system and be the first one to know when any of the services are down - example your corporate mail services. For business, downtime cause revenue lost. Staying alert as the minute it happen allow immediate action to be taken. You can also compliment any of your existing internal monitoring tools with an our uptime monitoring solution that monitor your infrastructure outside your data center network - a downtime is not cause by the services on your server at certain time but it's originated by your data center network.

More Reasons PingMySite Is The Best Uptime Monitoring Solution To Check Your Website & Server Availability

1 Minute Check, Global Monitoring Station

Monitor your uptime from multiple geographical locations with 1 minute check interval. Our monitoring system will verify your website return a proper response code before triggering any alert notifications. You do not need to pay extra to access to our 30+ global monitoring stations.

Instant Unlimited Notifications

Stay instant notifications with multi channel notifications. You will be able to setup notifications via Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, Emails and SMS. The best thing is you do not need to make any credit top up for the SMS alert.

Cloud Monitoring - No Hassle, No Software Install

The cool thing about our solution is you do not need to install any applications or agents on your website / servers in order to begin the monitoring. The only information that we would need will be your website or IP address which you would like to setup the monitoring to initiate the monitoring check. Any changes to the existing checks can be done with few mouse clicks. You can be up and running within 5 minutes.

1 Year FREE SSL Certificate For Your Website

SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. Getting your website to be HTTPS-enabled will also help your website to have better ranking in search engine. You will get a one year of Free SSL Security Certificate when you sign up for our paid monitoring plan. We are the only uptime monitoring solution provider offering this!

Most Affordable Uptime Monitoring Solution In The Market

Starting at just $9.90/month billed monthly. All our standard plans include unlimited international SMS notifications. No contracts, cancel at anytime. There's no any other hidden extra charges such as SMS top up credit required.

Additional Channel Supported For You To Receive Notification Alert

Push Over Uptime Notification
HipChat Uptime Monitoring Notification
HipChat Uptime Monitoring Notification
PagerDuty Uptime Monitoring Notification

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Every minute of downtime counts. Get notified instantly to avoid damages to your business revenue and reputation.

Start Monitoring30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Any Time. No Contract.