Top 3 Monitoring Tools You Need For Your VPS

VPS monitoring tool

Okay, you got your VPS setup and completed the installation and configuration of the services. What’s next? While you can move on to start putting your live websites on the VPS to draw traffic in, there’s another important aspect of work that’s missing over here. Monitoring! Without any tools to help you monitor your VPS,…

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Free vs Paid Website Uptime Monitoring Check


If you are like the most of the rest of the webmaster that owns a website – either you manage it or sign up with other hosting providers, typically you won’t be aware if your website is down. You will only get to know that when you starts receiving email or text messaging from your…

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Why Monitoring Your Website Uptime Is Important

Why Monitoring Your Website Is Important

Website uptime monitoring is the procedure of testing and confirming that end-clients can browse with a website or web application. Website checking is regularly utilized by business to guarantee site uptime, execution, and usefulness. How do they do it? Website monitoring provider give subscribers, the capacity to reliably check a website, or server, and capture…

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What’s Pingdom Alternatives …. as they discontinue their free plan?


If you are an existing Pingdom Free plan subscribers, you would have received an email from them on 17 Dec 2015 that they will be making a major changes on the Free plan by end of Jan 2016. “We are sending you this email to notify you about changes to your free Pingdom account. In…

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Official Launch : Website Uptime Monitoring Solution For Ecommerce, Small Business & Personal Websites

PingMySite Uptime Monitoring

Tweakservers today announced the launch of their website uptime monitoring solution – PingMy.Site that helps all small business, ecommerce and personal websites to stay alert of their website uptime. Monitoring the website uptime is an important aspect of any websites running on the Internet that is usually been disregarded by both businesses and ecommerce enabled…

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