Monitor Your Email Server Uptime & IP Blacklist

Either you are managing your own mail server or you are hosting your mail service with a 3rd party provider, our mail server uptime and performance monitoring will be able to help you stay alert when your mail service is down or found blacklisted.

Monitor My Mail Server NOWMonitor SMTP, POP3, IMAP, PING & IP Blacklisting At Only $3.95/mo

Monitor All Your Mail Services

Monitor SMTP, POP3, IMAP and PING which is the basic building block of your mail server. Your mail services will be checked with every 1 minute interval for its availability.

Monitor Mail Server IP Blacklisting

IP blacklisting will cause all the emails sent out from your mail server to be rejected by the recipient mail server resulting in business loss. Your mail server IP will be check against 30+ famous common RBL blacklisting database such as SpamHaus, SpamCorp, Barracuda, Sorbs..etc every 1 minute.

Monitor Outside Your Data Center Network

Having the monitoring set outside your data center network gives you the ability to know if the downtime or interruption of your mail server is due to the potential network glitches on your data center network that will affect the email delivery to and from your mail server.

Monitor All Your Favorite Mail Server Uptime & Blacklisting Status

We support majority of the mail server as long as it's connected to the Internet.

Get Instant Alert When Your Mail Server Is Down or Blacklisted

All aspects of monitoring features to monitor your mail server

  • Global Monitoring Station

    More than 31 monitoring stations to check your mail server status and this give you the least false alarm.

  • Unlimited Notification Alert

    Never worry about running out of SMS credits with our Unlimited Emails, SMS, Twitter and Push notifications.

  • 1 Minute Check Interval

    Setup your monitoring checks as frequent as 1 minute checks to trigger alert notifications when your mail server is detected to be down.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

    Receive Unlimited Push Notifications via iOS and Android to your mobile as an alternate alert options to SMS, Voice and Emails.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Preferences to create unlimited contacts for emails, mobile, SMS and Twitter with contact groups to your uptime checks.

  • Alert Escalation

    Access to publish your mail server uptime report to the public to represent your mail server uptime performance.

Monitor Your Mail Server Uptime & IP Blacklisting

Monitor My Mail Server NOWMonitor SMTP, POP3, IMAP, PING & IP Blacklisting At Only $3.95/mo