Free vs Paid Website Uptime Monitoring Check


If you are like the most of the rest of the webmaster that owns a website – either you manage it or sign up with other hosting providers, typically you won’t be aware if your website is down. You will only get to know that when you starts receiving email or text messaging from your customers that they can’t reach to your website. For business, you would not have know how much sales or potential customers you would have lost; For bloggers, if your website goes offline, your visitors won’t be seeing any ads or clicking any affiliate product links you are trying to promote and you are loosing money.

From there, you start to think you need to be the first to get alert when your website is down the next moment it happens. As you start to look around for solution to monitor your website uptime, you came across some are offering Free Uptime Monitoring and some service provider do charge for that.

And for most of us, we usually will go for the FREE solution – who doesn’t like to FREE stuff?

Here’s some thought you need to consider signing up for the FREE monitoring service..

Interval of Uptime Checking

Most of the Free Website Monitoring check providers runs check only by 5, 15, 30 or some even 60 minutes. This means that your website will only be check every 5,15,30 and 60 minutes. If your website happens to down before the next checks and gets back up, you won’t even know.

Limitation of Alert Notifications

You are being limit with the no. of notifications alerts via SMS which you need to buy more credits as you goes along. Though you are getting email notifications as downtime happen, but the due to the time window of checking (5,15,30 and 60 minutes check interval), generally you don’t get to receive the notifications if your website is down between the cycle of check.

The Free Uptime service check may be suitable for personal bloggers that only have a single website that have low traffic. If you own a website that have high volume of traffics and capturing sales, you want to be sure your website is monitor and check on every 1 minute interval so you will get instant alert notifications as interruption happens. You need to fix the problems before your visitors or customers started to call you!

At PingMySite, our service monitoring runs on the cloud – you have no software to install and no maintenance to be worry about. Your website is checked every 1 minute from our global 30+ monitoring stations and you can setup multi-channel alert notifications – Slack, Email, Twitter, Mobile Push Notifications, and Unlimited SMS (no credit top-up needed) to receive alert as downtime happens on your website. Our monitoring service also covers checking on your mail services (POP3,SMTP,IMAP), DNS, database (MySQL) ..etc a total of 20 different monitoring checks.

Try our monitoring check services for 14 days free trial on your website. You will be up and running in 3 minutes.

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