The Best Alternative Pingdom Monitoring Solution for your Website

PingMySite Uptime Monitoring Differences

The major features difference you can get that Pingdom will not provide.

  • FREE HTTPS SSL Certificate

    You get a FREE HTTPS SSL certificate issued for your website. HTTPS helps rank your website rank higher with encrypted traffic.

  • Unlimited SMS Alert Notification

    Never worry about running out of SMS credits with our Unlimited Emails, SMS, Twitter and Push notifications.

  • 20 Monitoring Check Types

    You can setup HTTP, SSL Certificates, SSH, DNS, PING, WHOIS domain expiration, POP3, IMAP, SMTP & custom port..etc

Other Monitoring Features Included

  • Global Monitoring Station

    More than 31 monitoring stations to check your website status and this give you the least false alarm.

  • Public Report Status

    Share your uptime monitoring status with your customers to show the confidence of your online business.

  • 1 Minute Check Interval

    Setup your monitoring checks as frequent as 1 minute checks to trigger alert notifications.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

    Receive Unlimited Push Notifications via iOS and Android to your mobile as an alternate alert options to SMS, Voice and Emails.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Preferences to create unlimited contacts for emails, mobile, SMS and Twitter with contact groups to your uptime checks.

  • Alert Escalation

    Access to publish your website uptime report to the public to represent your website or server uptime performance.

Your website & services deserve a better uptime monitoring service

30+ monitoring stations | 20 Monitoring Checks Type | Unlimited Notifications | Affordable Pricing | FREE HTTPS SSL

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