Uptime Monitoring For Your VPS & Dedicated Server

Frustrated of missing any single downtime event on your dedicated server & VPS ? Get a 24x7 uptime monitoring solution that will notify you instantly for any single down time event.

Start Monitoring TodayMonitor All Services From As Low As $9.90/mo

Cloud Monitoring - No Hassle, No Software Install

There's no software to be install and configure on your VPS & dedicated server. The only information needed is your IP address or domain name and you will be up and running within 5 minutes.

Monitor Mail Server IP Blacklisting

IP blacklisting will cause all the emails sent out from your VPS and dedicated mail server to be rejected by the recipient mail server resulting in business loss. Your mail server IP will be check against 30+ famous common RBL blacklisting database such as SpamHaus, SpamCorp, Barracuda, Sorbs..etc every 1 minute.

Monitor Outside Your Data Center Network

Run a PING check monitoring outside your provider's data center network gives you the ability to know if the downtime or interruption of your VPS or dedicated server is due to the potential network glitches on your data center network that will affect your VPS and dedicated server uptime.

Monitor Your HTTP Content

Leverage on the HTTP Advance Content monitoring which will load and validate your website uptime status. If the specific keyword does not loads up within certain minutes of threshold, you will get an alert notification instantly.

Why Monitoring Your Cloud VPS & Dedicated Server Is So Much Important?

Your Cloud VPS & Dedicated Server typically comes with an unmanaged subscription by your hosting provider. When services are down, they won't know, neither then you until you start getting call or text from your customers. The impact of the downtime cost you substantial traffic & business lost. With a 24x7 monitoring running that checks each of your services every 1 minute, you can act immediately to fix the problems immediately.

Monitor Your Cloud VPS & Dedicated Server With This Providers

Our uptime monitoring service works with majority of the cloud hosting provider.

Get Instant Alert When Your VPS & Dedicated Servers Is Down

All aspects of monitoring tools you need to stay alert

  • Global Monitoring Station

    More than 31 monitoring stations to check your Cloud VPS & Dedicated Server status and this give you the least false alarm.

  • Unlimited Notification Alert

    Never worry about running out of SMS credits with our Unlimited Emails, SMS, Twitter and Push notifications.

  • 1 Minute Check Interval

    Setup your monitoring checks as frequent as 1 minute checks to trigger alert notifications when your services are detected to be down.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

    Receive Unlimited Push Notifications via iOS and Android to your mobile as an alternate alert options to SMS, Voice and Emails.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Preferences to create unlimited contacts for emails, mobile, SMS and Twitter with contact groups to your uptime checks.

  • Alert Escalation

    Access to publish your uptime report to the public to represent your VPS & Dedicated Server uptime performance.

Uptime Monitoring For Your Cloud VPS & Dedicated Server

Start Monitoring TodayMonitor All Services From As Low As $9.90/mo