What’s Pingdom Alternatives …. as they discontinue their free plan?


If you are an existing Pingdom Free plan subscribers, you would have received an email from them on 17 Dec 2015 that they will be making a major changes on the Free plan by end of Jan 2016.

“We are sending you this email to notify you about changes to your free Pingdom account. In an effort to deliver the best products and support for our customers that subscribe to our paid plans, we will no longer provide your existing free plan after January 28, 2016.”

A major set back for this change is you will only have basic HTTP uptime checks and run with every 5 minute interval monitoring, no public reports..etc. If you have been using their free uptime monitoring checks for PING, Mail service monitoring (SMTP,POP3, IMAP..etc), you will lost this features as well unless you go for their their new upgrade plan. Here’s a snapshot of their new changes..

Pingdom Alternative



If you are looking for an alternative uptime monitoring solution to replace Pingdom, check out our monitoring solution that …

  • Monitor up to 10 checks with 1 minute interval
  • Include up to 16 monitoring checks type – HTTP, Email, MySQL, Port Checks, PING..etc
  • Access to our 30+ monitoring stations – no extra charges.
  • We send you unlimited notifications via SMS, email and Twitter.
  • Free public report status
  • Superior customer support
  • Monthly plan starts from $9.9/mo (Only $0.99/mo per check!) and ….
  • If you go for yearly plan, get a 10% off – $8.9/mo (that’s only $0.89/mo per check) PLUS …
  • One Year of Free SSL Security Certificate (helps you secure your website with a HTTPS pad lock).

Need help to migrate all your Pingdom checks ?

Just contact our support helpdesk with your existing Pingdom access after you have sign up and we will be happy to help you to migrate all the checks over for you for Free.

Start Monitoring14 Days Free Trial, No Credit Card Required.


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