Why Monitoring Your Website Uptime Is Important

Why Monitoring Your Website Is Important

Website uptime monitoring is the procedure of testing and confirming that end-clients can browse with a website or web application. Website checking is regularly utilized by business to guarantee site uptime, execution, and usefulness.

How do they do it?

Website monitoring provider give subscribers, the capacity to reliably check a website, or server, and capture the response it received and compare against the actual result it should be matching before triggering any notification alert. The monitoring checking is regularly led from a few areas around the globe to a particular website, or server, keeping in mind the end goal to distinguish issues identified with general Internet network sluggish and system hang. Website checking mechanism for the most part provides details regarding these tests in a form of reports, outlines and diagrams which give historic interruption details for improvement action.

At the point when an issue is recognized, uptime monitoring providers will issue alerts through email, SMS, voice call, and push notifications to mobile that might incorporate interruption details. For example, a monitoring check is conducted to a website to verify it’s accessibility by searching for certain keywords on a web page These diagnostics check permit system administrator and website admins to rectify the issues quickly before the impact spread to affect a large more percentage of the users and business continuity.

Why is website uptime monitoring important?

Your website is the substance of your business as any interruption to the browsing experience will lead the potential customers to leave and goes to other competitor – causing a potential business lost. Imagine if you are running an online promotion campaign which drive traffic to your website and a sudden break down or slow access to the website, you will suffer a major impact in terms of your marketing activity and business reputation. The better the  stability of your server, the more satisfied your clients will be as it helps to improve the performance and speed loading of your website.

Unless you are trying your website constantly, you won’t really discover any mistakes reported in the logs until the server physically crashes.

What is the best way to monitor your website uptime?

The best way to guarantee a smooth running website is to screen the content of the website loading every minute of every day with the goal that any issues can be identified before it brings any disruption to the business. This is the most vital objective of website uptime monitoring.

You do not have to put resources into any equipment and programming to have a complete arrangement for checking your website uptime as there are providers in the market that allow you to engage the services with a very affordable cost and setup the monitoring within minutes. The good thing on engaging a service with these providers are you can leverage on their global monitoring stations without the need to maintain the system with any required technical knowledge.

An uptime solution provider usually provide other uptime checks apart from monitoring the website uptime. Other monitoring checks, for example, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, PING, Port Check, RDP, DNS etc. To derive additional benefits (apart from website checking) your website monitoring service may include following additional features to give you an optimized value for their service:

  • Accessibility and execution from areas in real nations around the world
  • Uptime checks utilizing HTTP, HTTPS, PING, and DNS
  • Mail service monitoring utilizing SMTP, POP3, IMAP conventions
  • Open IP checks utilizing TCP, UDP and ICMP conventions
  • VoIP checks utilizing SIP convention
  • Site page content checks
  • Instant alert notifications through email, text, Text/SMS or live voice as well as push notifications
  • Itemized reporting with administration level measurements per interim.

Do You Monitor Your Website Uptime?

If you run a website either for personal or business purpose, do you monitor your website uptime and have any notification alerts to inform when your website is down ? Share with us on the comment section.


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