We Monitor Your WordPress Website Uptime 24x7

Receive instant alert via your mobile and emails when your WordPress website is down.

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Our WordPress Uptime Monitoring Solutions Covers

All aspects of monitoring features to monitor your WordPress website uptime

  • Global Monitoring Station

    More than 31 monitoring stations to check your website status and this give you the least false alarm.

  • Unlimited Notification Alert

    Never worry about running out of SMS credits with our Unlimited Emails, SMS, Twitter and Push notifications.

  • 1 Minute Check Interval

    Setup your monitoring checks as frequent as 1 minute checks to trigger alert notifications when your website is detected to be down.

  • Mobile Push Notifications

    Receive Unlimited Push Notifications via iOS and Android to your mobile as an alternate alert options to SMS, Voice and Emails.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Preferences to create unlimited contacts for emails, mobile, SMS and Twitter with contact groups to your uptime checks.

  • Alert Escalation

    Access to publish your website uptime report to the public to represent your website or server uptime performance.

Never Miss Any Downtime Event For Your WordPress Website Again

Monitor My WordPress Uptime NowAs Low As Just $0.99/mo